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Plasmid DNA Extraction Card (96 card)

Discontinued, replaced by Strip Card

Part Number E500
Plasmid DNA Extraction Card (96 card)</p> Discontinued, replaced by <a href=Recombinant_DNA_Extraction_Strip_Card.html> <u>Strip Card
Plasmid DNA Extraction Card (96 card)

Discontinued, replaced by Strip Card
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LyseNow(R) Plasmid DNA Extraction Cards feature proprietary lysis buffer impregnated filter paper discs that are assembled between two layers of transparent PET sheets and arranged in a 96 well plate format. The filter paper discs lyse E. coli, or other host cells on contact, release plasmid DNA; transparent card allows for the easy alignment of the discs over a 96 well plate, the discs can be effortlessly pushed down to 96 well plate wells with sterile pipette tips; nucleic acids from the host cells, especially recombinant DNA because of their smaller size, can then be easily eluted off with 10 minutes shaking. Elution can be used directly for PCR or sequencing. In one instance, more than 700 bp good sequencing data were generated with CE sequencing from lysates of overnight culture harboring a 14 kb low copy number plasmid. LyseNow(R) Plasmid DNA Extraction Card produces little plastic waste and no any chemical waste at all.
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