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RNA Lysis Additives (100 rxn)

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RNA Lysis Additives (100 rxn)
RNA Lysis Additives (100 rxn)
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Even with the highest concentration of strongest protein denaturants (e.g. guanidine cations) in lysis buffer of RNA extraction kits, RNA still undergo constant degradation in tissue lysates. We identified some RNase inhibitory compounds that significantly enhance RNA stability in tissue lysates [Patent Pending]. RNA in tissue / cell lysates with RNASound™ RNA Lysis buffer Additives are as stable as RNA in tissues that were submerged in RNAlater® RNA reagent. Unlike RNAlater®, RNASound™ RNA Lysis Additives are completely compatible with RNA extraction chemicals, RNA extraction can be easily carried out as if nothing extra was added. RNASound™ RNA Lysis Additives are not intended to be used with phenol based lysis buffer.
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