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KRAS Exon12 mutations mix

Part Number 34-2
KRAS Exon12 mutations mix
KRAS Exon12 mutations mix
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KRAS Exon 12 mutations mix mixes all 6 possible mutations on KRAS exon 12, they are synthetic double stranded DNA oligos of 182 bp long, the kit comes with a single tube of mix, 100uL of total 10mM, the kit also includes a tube of wildtype KRAS,  100uL of 10mM, in TE8.0
Codon 12
Gly12Ser G12S GGT>AGT
Gly12Arg G12R GGT>CGT
Gly12Cys G12C GGT>TGT
Gly12Asp G12D GGT>GAT
Gly12Ala G12A GGT>GCT
Gly12Val G12V GGT>GTT