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Colony Lifter (10 pieces)

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Colony Lifter (10 pieces)
Colony Lifter (10 pieces)
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For the purpose of single colony isolation and further propagation, cloning cylinders or cloning rings are commonly used to isolate the area and apply trypsin to detach the cells and transfer cells to a single well for further propagation. The procedure is stressful and low efficient. Our CultureApp(TM) Colony Lifter Card is a piece of sterile polymethylpentene(PMP) sheet that embedded with 48 detachable 5mm PMP discs. It provides a novel method for convenient single colonies isolation and further propagation. The card is laid at the bottom of a 100 mm culture dish, when colonies appear in the dish, single colony may reside on a single disc, after identify the discs that contain single colony under microscope, the card is lifted up using a pair of sterile forceps and lay over a 96 wells plate, the identified discs are pushed down into underneath plate wells, culture media is added into each well and allow for the rapid further propagation of the colonies due to the minor disruption during the process.
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